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After a very long two weeks at work, I finally had a day off. It was wonderful. My day off was filled to the brim with errands. I’m pretty sure I visited 15 stores. I even visited Best Buy twice that day, because I don’t know how to buy the correct items. Oops! Anyways, one of my stops was Lifeway Christian Store. I picked up our new pre-marital counseling book (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) and like always, I got caught up at the Mary Square table.  I love all of their stuff! Seriously, I am addicted. I bought a new Mary Square scripture journal because I can’t walk away from their table without buying something. It is the cutest! It comes with coloring pages and stickers, too! They know me so well.

Yesterday I had to head back to reality. I brought my bible and my new journal to work hoping that I could find some downtime to read. I was lucky because it was a slow day and I managed to get 10 minutes of time with my bible and God. I began flipping through my bible and I came across Acts 2:42. I always keep my sermon notes in my bible so that when I get to those verses again, I have some notes to reflect on. I noticed that I had already read that passage back on May 5, 2014. It was a day that I was visiting Lifepoint Church with a friend and I had lots of good notes from Pastor Daniel. I noticed that in my notes, I had written about finding the right group of friends. I knew instantly that was something I needed to read. I struggle with finding friends because honestly, sometimes I am too busy to have friends. That sucks. A lot.  However, that is part of what I read about and I hope some of my notes can help you out, too. Below are some tips on how to make sure you are in the right community.

Be Intentional

We need to find a community in which we can thrive. That doesn’t happen without effort. You need to be INTENTIONAL about finding the right community.  Like I said, I think that sometimes I am too busy to have friends. I need to remove that thought from my life. There is no such thing as too busy for God. I need to find the time to spend with other believers and friends. I am a member of several groups for creatives and I want to make it a goal to attend each of their meetings. The Pursuit- Fredericksburg group is a group of Christian Women who own small businesses in our area. The Rising Tide is also a group for creative business owners geared toward lifting each other up and watching each other grow. Both groups meet once a month and I always leave the meetings feeling refreshed and uplifted. If you do not intentionally seek the company of other believers, you may never find them or you may end up with the wrong group.

Be Devoted

In order for this group to prosper and for each one of us to leave always feeling fulfilled, devotion is a must.  I need to be DEVOTED to my community. They need to be devoted to me, too. Most importantly, we should all be devoted to becoming more like Christ.  Think about your group of friends, is there devotion to each other? In Acts 2 verse 45, it says “Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to those who had a need.”  Would you do that for your friends? Would your friends do that for you?

Be Uplifted

Find yourself a group of friends who can lift you up. This is not a suggestion. This is a requirement. We all go through times in life where we are beaten down. Life is hard and sometimes unbearable. You need to find a community who can fill you with love and encouragement and continue to refill you. When you are going through a rough patch, you may begin to lose faith that God is with you. You need a group that is happy to refill you with energy and love. Do you have that? Are you there for your friends to refill them?

These lovely ladies are my bridesmaids. I can't wait for them to be a part of my wedding! These lovely ladies are my bridesmaids. I can’t wait for them to be a part of my wedding! Shout out to my Pursuit Fredericksburg ladies. Love you!  Shout out to my Pursuit Fredericksburg ladies. Love you!

I hope that you have found that community in which you thrive. I hope that you are that community for someone else. If you are looking for a group to call your community, I know so many great places to look.  If you are a creative business owner, check out your local Pursuit group and Tuesday’s Together group (Rising Tide). Not a creative? No problem! Email me at I would love to have you visit Spotswood Baptist Church with me or maybe just meet up for coffee one day. Let’s build you a community. I would love to be a part of that.

I need to give a huge shout out to my community. Those ladies who fill me and refill me. The ladies who are devoted to me and always lift me up. You ladies are like my spotter at the gym. When I can’t lift the weight, I know that you will always be there to help me out. I keep trying to lift that weight. Eventually, I will be strong enough to do it on my own but until then, I know you’ve got my back. Thank you to the all ladies of the Pursuit- Fredericksburg group.  Especially Lacoya, Brandilynn and Treneka. Thank you to my best friends- Leah, Melinda, Arianna, Jessica, Latiesha, and Colleen.  Thank you for being my community, my friends, my circle, my spotter, my refill.

  1. carmen says:

    This is an amazing blog post with so many wonderful points in it! I love the idea of leaving my sermon notes in my bible next to the verses they go with. I haven’t heard of the pursuit group but I’m looking it up right now. Take care & God bless!

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