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I attended the Creative at Heart Conference– Round 2 back in March. I can not even tell you how much the conference meant to me. I learned so many things and left the conference feeling empowered and ready to super charge my business. I know this is a very delayed recap but it was such an amazing experience, I wanted to share it with you now that I am blogging. This is a two-part post. I’ve got tons of awesome stuff to share with you, I had to split it up. This post will start off a little rocky, but I promise you it is worth the read.

When Kat, the mastermind behind C@H and owner of Dear Sweetheart Events, first announced that she was hosting a conference for all creatives, I knew I had to be there. I ran in to a bit of a snag because I couldn’t afford the conference. There was no way I could just take that much money out of my bank account…in fact, I didn’t even have that much money in my bank account. I was so upset and discouraged because all I wanted to do was grow my business and I couldn’t do that because I couldn’t afford it. 

After the first conference, all the attendees started posting their stories  and their cute photos and I was even more upset. It was a reminder that I couldn’t go and that I missed out on such an amazing experience. I was so bummed. It made me feel like I wasn’t good enough.  

BUT, I realized that I was good enough. I was a new person, a new photographer, and a new business owner. I changed my business name back in September and I decided that this business was going to be different. So I got myself together and stopped being a baby. I decided to save up and make it to the next one.  It was hard work but I did it. As soon as the Creative at Heart- Round 2 was announced. I got my money together and waited for registration to open. In fact, I signed up and paid within the first 2 minutes it opened. I am so glad I got over myself and did what was best for me and for my business. It was the best decision I have made. 

Creative at Heart is for you, too!

I want to tell you that Creative at Heart is for every single creative business owner out there. I don’t care what your style is, what your income is or what your business is. This conference is something you need to experience! 

If you are worried about fitting in, stop! Someone told me that they are scared to go because they aren’t girly enough. Yes, C@H does have very “girly” marketing and that can be intimidating to some people. There are a tons of pinks and hearts and glitter and flowers. (Oh my!) Just know, you don’t have to be that person to attend. I am by no means a girly girl. I do not own Kate Spade or Coach and I rarely wear pink.  The people who attend Creative are so loving and so welcoming! I was worried about fitting in too, but everyone was so kind and so encouraging and I felt like I belonged with them. I belonged right there, in that conference.  

If you are worried about how to pay,  it is possible! Save up! They will be in Australia for the next few conferences so you have time to save. Select a one or two sessions each month that will go straight to savings. Soon you will have enough to pay for the conference! They even offer early bird rates for signing up within the first day. 

Its a blast!

The conference is packed with so much learning but they make sure you have a ton of fun too! We had a cupcake party and a pajama party. I bought a super cute pair of pajama pants at target. There was a Stella and Dot sale. 😀 You guys know how much I love statement necklaces! We got all kinds of goodies in our welcome bags. There were notebooks, coffee mugs and lots of vendor coupons. Plus, they had a photo contest for the most creative photo from the conference. Jessica and I submitted the photo below. We found a pretty cool car with super shinny hubcaps when we were exploring downtown Roanoke. Yes I do realize that I look like a chipmunk but you have to make sacrifices to win sometimes.

By the way, we did not win. Our roommate Hope won though with an amazing photo! Good job Hope!

Wait There’s More!

I hope you didn’t think that was it. I have so much more to tell you about! Stop by the blog on Thursday to read about the rest of my experience. I’ll cover who I met at the conference and what I learned. Trust me, that’s the good stuff! 

See you on Thursday!

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