Wedding Wednesday – Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Wednesdays

If you are engaged and planning a wedding, I am sure that hiring wedding planner has crossed your mind. I want to help you make the best decision about hiring a wedding planner or planning it yourself. Wedding planning can be very stressful. There are a lot of fun parts but there are without a doubt, some very stressful parts as well. Wedding planners can help you with those times and make planning your wedding much easier.

Please note: There are several other names for wedding planners such as, wedding designer, wedding consultant, wedding coordinator, etc. There are differences between the terms and each individual company chooses the term that they feel fits their business and what they offer best. For the sake of this blog post, we will refer to them as wedding planners.

Ask Yourself These Questions

There are some brides out there who are organized and how handle stress gracefully. These brides may not need a planner, but I am not that kind of bride. Man, do I wish I was! If you are not sure if you need a wedding planner, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is event planning fun for you? 
If the answer is an automatic “no”, then you should seriously consider a booking a planner.

2. Are you deadline oriented? 
If you struggle to meet deadlines, then planning your own wedding can prove to be very stressful for you. Wedding planners can assist you in meeting those deadlines and can keep you on track.
Remember to view the checklist on This will be helpful as well.

3. Can you take calls or meet vendors during your work hours?
Many wedding vendors work normal business hours, just like you. They tend to be available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or something similar. On weekends, they have weddings or other concerns. If you are unable to meet with vendors during the work week, a wedding planner may be able to do so for you.

4. Have your friends or family volunteered to help with the planning process? 
Having someone to help you is important. If your friends or family haven’t told you outright that they want to help, then expecting them to help can cause tension.

5. Do you have an organized and “take charge” type of friend who can be in charge on the wedding day? 
Even if you do not need someone to help you with the actual planning part of the wedding, you will someone to make sure your big day goes smoothly. This friend cannot be in the wedding party; they need to be focused on keeping up with the timeline and vendors and wedding party. If you do not have someone who can do this, you REALLY should hire a planner. A “Day of Coordinator”  would fit this bill.

Are You Thinking About Booking A Planner Now?

After asking yourself those questions, you should have a better idea about whether you need a planner or not. Here are a few types of wedding planners:

Full-Service Planner
A full-service planner does it all. They take your ideas from conception and run with it to create a perfect wedding day. They do both the design and the coordination. They work with you from start to finish. This is best for couples who have complex ideas or want a professional guide through each step. They will help you create the timeline and budget. Full service planners may also do some of the vendor booking for you. (Not always)

Event Designer or Partial Planner
Event Designers focus more on pulling everything together but do not work on every detail. They will work with you to bring your ideas to life. They will coordinate with other vendors after you have booked them to ensure that your wedding looks just like you envisioned. They will be there for wedding day to make sure your timeline is followed and that all vendors arrive on time.

Day-Of or Month-Of Coordinator
This type of planner usually works with you a month before the wedding or just the day of. They aren’t involve much beforehand in regards to planning and designing. They contact you a month in advance and begin to learn all about your plans for your big day. Day-of coordinators sometimes help you things like the seating chart and confirming delivery times from vendors. Their primary job is to make sure your wedding day is set up properly, runs smoothly and usually will stay to ensure all cleanup is done. This type of planner is ideal for couples who are very hands on and enjoy the planning process.

Here are my favorites!

Here are my favorite wedding planners in Northern Virginia. These ladies are experts in the field and I know they will make your day perfect!

Hello Love Weddings – I worked with Hello Love Weddings on several weddings last year and she is my wedding planner! Lacoya has become a dear friend and I have seen the love she pours into her couples.  Website  Facebook  Instagram   

Check out the styled shoot I photographed by Hello Love Wedding. Click Here.

Dear Sweetheart Events – Kat is so sweet and so bubbly. She is the genius behind the Creative at Heart Conference. Her work is always bright and beautiful. She is so fun to be around and I know that she would be a great addition to your wedding day. Website  Facebook   Instagram

Occasions by M&K – Located right here in Fredericksburg, they have the cutest studio in Central Park Shopping Center. Michelle is so organized and so kind- hearted. She worked in the corporate field for years before she chose to pursue her passion. God knew what He was doing when He added her to the wedding industry. Michelle rocks!    Website    Facebook   Instagram

So Lovely Weddings and Blooms – I first met Lauren in May 2015. She coordinated the styled shoot for the Jessica Green Photography Workshop.  Lauren is so creative and so encouraging. She put together a stunning styled shoot. And she’s a florist too!  Website Facebook  Instagram
Check out the styled shoot that Lauren put together for the JGP workshop here.

  1. Lacoya H. says:

    Yayyyyyyy! Thank you SO much for this post, as there are so many brides out there who would appreciate the advice and information coming from another bride! You are a gem and I can’t wait for you & Joshua’s special day! It’s going to be AMAZING – I can already tell! You ROCK! XO

  2. Rebecca Anne says:

    WOW. So many amazing tips for brides to be in looking for their wedding planner! This information is amazing.

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