Wedding Wednesday – How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Wedding Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for more wedding planning tips. Today we are chatting about picking your wedding colors. This part is so much fun if you’re a visual person. It might be daunting if you’re not. That’s ok, though. We are going to work through it together. Here are some suggestions to help you choose your wedding colors.

Look Back

Look back at the visions you created when you dreamed about your wedding day. Think about what style of wedding you are having. I provided you with tips on your wedding style when we discussed venues. If you missed it, you can read it here. Are you having a black-tie wedding, a rustic farm wedding, or maybe a romantic floral weddinglike me? For Example: Black-Tie and Elegant weddings might require deep or glittery colors because those naturally make you think elegant.

Work With Your Venue

It’s a good idea to remember where you will be putting these colors.  If you’re having a beach wedding, maybe some gorgeous blues and creams would be perfect. If you are getting married in a hotel ballroom or somewhere else that has carpet, remember that your colors might clash with the colors in the carpet. If you are getting married in a barn with dark wood, maybe you should stay away from any neon or bright colors. Don’t fear though, if you have your heart set on blue and the venue has oranges, maybe you can find a different hue or shade of blue to work. And if your heart is set on your colors, then do it. It’s your day1 If you don’t care about the carpet then nobody else should either. 

Remember the Season

Keep in mind the time of year you are getting married. Each season has its own natural colors. Fun colors like pinks and yellows pair well with the blooming flowers in Spring. Bright colors like corals and oranges fit in the summer time. Rich colors like burgundy match well with jewel tones and the natural leaf colors in the Fall. Soft colors like blush and baby blue match well with silver in the Winter.

     Spring Colors                  Summer Colors                      Fall Colors                      Winter Colors All images courtesy of Seed.       Spring Colors                  Summer Colors                      Fall Colors                      Winter Colors All images courtesy of Seed.

Consult the Color Wheel

Don’t forget to look at the color wheel. This is helpful but not required. It is a good idea to view the color wheel and choose colors that do not clash. You want your colors to complement each other and to complement you. However, this is going to be your day. If you really like certain colors and they look good to you, then do it! You go girl! 

Don’t Overthink It

The most important part of this blog is to remind you to not over think it. Do not stress about the colors. Everybody has a favorite color. If you are torn about choosing your colors, stick with what you love. Use your favorite color and a few accent colors to go with it. Take a look in your closet, what color do you buy most often? You must be happy with that color, so use it! This blog is not a rulebook. I can’t say it enough; it’s your day. Make yourself happy.

Want know what colors I chose? I am so excited to share with you! Joshua and I are getting married in the Fall at Rounton Farm. Rounton has lots of dark wood and will be surrounded by gorgeous fall colors. I surprised every one of my friends and family members because I did not go with my favorite color. (GASP!) I am a huge fan of teal. All of my purses and bags are teal, my branding colors are teal, my water bottles are teal, 90% of what I own is teal. However, I fell in love with a burgundy/marsala color when my friend Jessica Green did a styled shoot last year. I chose to pair that deep red with gold, creams and lots of leafy greens. 

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