Second Shooter Workshop – Washington DC – The Loft at 600F


I recently attended the Second Shooter Workshop by Sarah Bradshaw Photography. Sarah is an amazing wedding photographer from Washington, DC. I have followed her work for about a year now and I have found myself in awe every time she shares a new wedding. When she announced that she would be hosting a second shooter workshop I knew right away that I was going to be attending. I wanted to learn from her and I wanted to learn how to be the best second shooter. 

The workshop was hosted in Washington, DC at a gorgeous location called The Loft at 600F. The Loft is a well-lit rustic venue. It had two large open spaces with tons of natural light and natural wood. They also had two smaller rooms (which I’m sure were once bedrooms) that we used for the groom’s getting ready photos. 

Sarah started the workshop off with a few hours of classroom-style learning. She covered so many topics! I learned about the different types of primary shooters and second shooters. This helped me determine which type of second shooter I want to be and which type of primary shooter I want to work with. Sarah also covered what should be included in a wedding portfolio. I plan to use those tips to adjust my portfolio. Here’s a neat fact- Your wedding portfolio does NOT have to contain only wedding images. It just needs to show good techniques and understanding of the rules of photography. If you have those techniques and rules down, then your work can easily be translated into a wedding scene as a second shooter. 

After Sarah covered tons of useful information, we moved into the hands-on part of the day. My favs! Sarah showed us what we should be doing as a second shooter. She taught us tricks about using light to make men look more masculine and making women look more feminine. She taught us styling tips for the grooms details such as his tie and shoes. She told us where we should stand in comparison to the primary shooter during each part of the day. This allows the second shooter to get many different angles. She suggested that we can get different crops as well by moving in or out. Sarah also showed us how to capture details for the reception and for the vendors. I have struggled with table details but I am excited about what she taught me because I feel like I finally understand. 

The shoot was styled by Caroline Dutton Events and she did an amazing job! It was filled with black and white stripes, soft pinks and lots of gold! The flowers were designed by EightTreeStreet. Seriously, they were perfect! They looked like they belonged in a fairytale. There was a lovely cake provided by Buttercream Bakeshop. They also provided yummy macaroons and snacks for us. This was my first time ever trying a macaroon. I am totally on the macaroon bandwagon now! Blush & Crew, a decor company, created the menus. Aren’t they stunning?

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