Are you limiting your productivity? {Virginia Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer}

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Are your struggling to find the most productive you? Have you ever wished you could get more done in the time you have? There is one simple step that could help you triple your productivity.

See the photo above? That is a quick cell phone photo I captured at my in-laws house. This is my dream! They have a sunroom wrapped in large windows. Three of the four walls are covered in windows. It’s majestic! (Insert angels singing here) They live in Front Royal, and there house is nestled between two large mountains. When you open those blinds all you can see is a gorgeous blue sky and rolling mountains. You don’t get these kinds of views in Fredericksburg. Every time we come visit, I tell my husband that this room would be my office if we lived here. It is the prefect place for me to find my peak productivity.

If you’re anything like me, you might have days where you struggle to be productive. Maybe you feel distracted, or like to have to force yourself to complete something. When you are forcing yourself to complete a task, you lose joy and that task may not be as incredible as it could have been. Finding the right spot to work in can increase your productivity.  Statistics show that working in a dark or harshly lit space can be detrimental to your work. According to Andrew Jensen, vision is responsible for 80-85% of your perception of the world around you. Working in dim and harsh lighting (like artificial lights) can cause eye strain and migraines. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone works well with a migraine. You’re in pain and easily distracted.

There is a simple trick to help you get rid of those migraines and boost your productivity. Move your workspace to a well lit area, ideally with lots of natural light. You don’t need to renovate your home to have as many windows as my in-laws’ sunroom. However, I suggest testing out a few different spaces to find out how much light is best for you. Try working in the room in your house that has the most windows. Try working outside some days. Maybe place your desk next to a window in your basement. If you’re office space doesn’t have any windows, I suggest that you get a Daylight light bulb from Home Depot or Lowes. The daylight light bulbs range from 4000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin and they mimic natural light incredibly.

Just yesterday after all the Christmas gifts were opened and Christmas dinner was gobbled down, I found time to work on my new website. I sat myself right next to one of their large windows and I just got it done. I was able to update my new brand colors, change my landing page, had an info banner, update my about me and so much more. I still have a long way to go but you have no idea how great it felt to find that kind of productivity. P.S. You should totally check out the renovations to the site!

The new year is just around the corner and now is the time to get master your productivity. Maybe natural light doesn’t work for you. My general manager at my corporate job loves working in the dark. He might be a vampire, I’m still not sure. (totally kidding, he’s great!) However, for most people, natural light is best. Try out some new spaces with different levels of natural light. Come back and tell when what worked best for you! Get to creating at your peak productivity.

This is my ideal space. I don’t have it right now at my own house but I will one day have a gorgeous window filled office to work in.

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